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2014-02-04: CircleCount got a NEW Business Service Section

Passion vs. Business
As always in lifetime there are moments were you have make a decision and to give a commitment for your future life. We built up CircleCount because we realized, that this will be for sure a fun project. Full of passion, being proud to be in contact with the great Google+ community "everyday" and to exchange worldwide information and experiences. Balancing analysing figures, painting nice pages, understanding that design could have an effect and having a big eye on the servers in order not to make a big mess.
In the beginning of last year we realized, that we can only keep this project up, if we do an investment in order to provide for CircleCount an acceptable quality of service. Only possibility: rent new servers and give the money to the local German hoster. Yeah!

This was our moment. How can we cover the costs?
Google Ads works excellent but provide us not enough revenue to cover the server costs. We have not enough traffic, this is a fact today. Every week we receive emails from small online-marketing agencies. We benchmarked, made tests with 2 small online marketing agencies and understood that these online-marketing agencies are not performing 30% of the revenue, which we generate via Google Ads (interesting learning). We stopped the activities with the small online marketing agencies because we don't have the resources to do the communication and the handling. After our regular work we are taking care of CircleCount and we are only a handful of people… the nights are short ;-)
We know, if we would have 12 times more traffic, then some of the bigger agencies would be interested to catch the money for us.

Maybe comparable with the mission to a kid, balance between love and education-responsibility, we decided to provide a paid service to get a new server. Passion and fun vs. good quality of service. Today we are happy to announce our new "Business Service". We understand that we have a small Google+ target group, which is interested on further Google+ statistic information. Please check the description of our new "Business Service" below. We will be happy if you like this service and you can be sure, that the revenue will be spent into server infrastructure.

There are two different packages:

Business Service Export-Data
You will be able to export the data about your Google+ Page/Profile and work with that data wherever you want to. You will get these exported data also automatically via email, so that you won’t need to do anything to have your updated data.

Business Service CircleCount API
With the CircleCount API you will be able to get the data you want about your Google+ Page/Profile in the format you like. The API is completely customizable.

We are committed to you and it is important for us, that you understand, that all current CircleCount internet portal-services will continue and will stay free of charge!

In the future we plan on top, to provide to you a fee-based "premium" service where you can order very useful additional CircleCount services / features but this will not influence our "free of charge strategy" for CircleCount. We have to react and have to find new revenue streams because our advertising revenues are not covering the server- and hosting costs. In order to have CircleCount with an acceptable internet speed available we need to think also about money.

We keep the spirit up ;-)
Thank You!


2013-05-24: frotspot - free hotspots around the world

frotspot is an open map-mashup showing free hotspots all around the world. Internet Users will support to fill the frotspot database with content in order to find in the future worldwide free hostpots. Today it is not so easy to search and find free hotspots worldwide. therefore we follow the target to collect all this data via an intelligent mashup solution.

  • For this mashup solution we use the Google Maps service
  • We created a google+ profile in order to find a direct connection to the frotspot internet user
  • We created an frotspots API for a faster transmission of relevant hotspot data
  • We provide a Search-field and a Toolbox for a extended search function of frotspots (free hotspots)
  • frotspot os a free service from everygain

2013-02-28: Google+ Sign-In, Well done Circlecount

As one of the very first uses the Google+ Sign-In service for the authentication of CircleCounts dedicated Logged-In services.
The new and very simple Google authentication "Sign-In" provides a fast connection to CircleCount's dedicated logged-in services by using only one key.

The CircleCount logged-in services are for free and show statistic information of Google+ users, pages and communities with public profiles. This dedicated statistic information can be managed directly by Google+ users which are connected to CircleCount logged-in services e.g.:

The Dashboard: In your dashboard you will find your very own statistics and for example find out when to post in Google+ to get the most comments, +1's or reshares

Your Follower Map: showing where your follower are coming from

Favorite Posts: You can manage your own page on CircleCount showing the most interesting posts you have found at Google+

Thank you very much Google for your support and for the easier handling of Google+ services.


2013-01-14: everygain Translator is used by more than 10,000 users!

Our translation extension for Firefox is now used by more than 10,000 users. This is a huge numbers for us and there are 1,880 more users who are using our Chrome extension.

Wir are very proud about these numbers and would like to say thank you to each one of you!


2012-04-20: The Marketing Manager of

Today we are very happy to introduce to you one more member of the CircleCount-Team!

Nils Tschampel is since long time member of our team and was in incognito-mode on Google+.


2011-01-10: 10,000,000 profiles on

Today we have indexed the 10-millionth profile!
That is a huge milestone for us and we are proud of the growing of this project and happy to get such a great feedback from you. We'll try to continue adding new features this year, so stay tunes!


2011-10-01: Relaunch of

Today we have launched our new design at!
Check it out and give us your feedback on our blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.


2011-12-07: in the blog of Forbes Magazine

The online blog of Forbes Magazine mentioned our project "CircleCount" in an article at the 12th Juli 2011.

"Within days of the launch of Google+, services like CircleCount popped up, allowing users to track which individuals had been added to the most Google+ circles."

Thanks to Christopher Barger (THE SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT):


2011-09-07: Find interesting people at Google+ with

In the end it was just a matter of time that Google would start an own online community as competition to Facebook. Then Google did it a few days ago with their Community called "Google+" and the feature "Circles", which intelligently and transparently manages friends and profiles in an easy to navigate way. By using the "Circles" you are able to partition profiles for example your friends or profiles you just want to keep up with. At the moment Google+ is more clearly arranged with their visual circles and their rights management than Facebook, although Facebook makes a similar way of rights management possible by using the profile preferences, but it is not as well structured.

Google+ is in BETA at the moment. The community can be used with all features, but it is limited to a small number of users. Google did not start any big marketing campaign with their launch of Google+ Circles. That might show that Google wanted to wait how well their concept is going to be accepted. In this stage you get user feedback, so you can enhance or completely eliminate certain features. This is a standardized business procedure, if you launch new products and you want to find out if you did a good job in terms of technology and targeting your interest group. If both works out well, then chances are high that you will make money with it.

In this stage, without Google advertising Google+, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten used the publicly available information of Google+ and build a ranking of the most clicked persons. So known or unknown persons other people observe in their "Cirlces". In the end, it turned out that number one of this high score list with 47.000 Google+ users observing him in their "Circles" is Mark Zuckerberg. So the founder of Facebook and competitor of Google is the most followed person on Google+.

A small sensation that Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten revealed on his website

Something interesting, which made Google+ Cirlces internationally known, is a New York Times article from July 5 2011. Mainly due to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg was ranked number one. That is a nice effect we can observe here, how to advertise a product without investing a whole lot of money. Mark Zuckerberg has 77.807 "followers" by now and 69 "following" (profiles he follows in his circles).

We did neither know Boris nor his Website, but we made something out of the same idea: This Website provides similar, however more detailed information. We are happy to be up-to-date, although we are such a small team. Check out:


2011-27-06: everygain Translator for Google Chrome released

Der everygain Translator now also available for Google Chrome in version 0.1.

We are starting with a small version number, since we want to add the whole functionality of the Firefox extension. But the basics are already available and you can translate anything directly on any website.

Try it out and install the everygain Translator in your Chrome. More...


2011-15-06: everygain Translator speaks BINGlisch

The add-on for Firefox everygain Translator has reached version 1.1 and is now able to translate with the help of google and also bing. If you translate a single word, the result is also linked to wikipedia, so that you can get a better description on the searched word. More...


2010-04-17: songcheckr joins everygain

songcheckr joined the projects of everygain. More...


2010-04-08:, probably the first project of everygain, arrives in the portfolio is a free online reference management, where you can manage all your books and magazines. More...


2010-02-22: The everygain Translator comes now into your Firefox

With "everygain Translator" we created an extension for Mozilla Firefox, which is helping you on translating anything anywhere. More...


2009-11-21: is playing with translations-tools is a new project of everygain, which gives you more fun in the web.

With script-generated translation you can have a lot of fun. More...


2009-05-01: sees the light of day searches music in amazon using lastFM to find the music you like. More...


2009-03-01: beams you into the www. is the url-shortner of

After using it only for our internal projects we launched it as on open tool for everyone to use. More...


2009-01-10: everygain gets its own website.

On our own website you can find a lot of informations about our projects and our spirit.

We are working also on the design, but for the moment we give you the first content.


2008-12-15: is launched as the third project of everygain. places a message on a map.

This mashup is working with the Google Maps API and is showing your messages on a map wherever you want. More...


2008-07-01: is going live as the second project of everygain. ist eine Produkt-Suchmaschine für Amazon mit einer Besonderheit. Hier werden nur Produkte angezeigt, die von Amazon direkt und nicht über Drittanbieter verkauft werden.

Die Motivation für dieses Projekt kam aus dem hohen Bedarf, der im näheren Bekanntenkreis signalisiert worden ist. More...


2008-06-26: everygain gets founded.

Es ist endlich soweit: Der Grundstein von everygain ist gelegt!

Ab heute ist es offiziell. Die bisher realisierten Projekte bekommen ihren rechtmäßigen Besitzer und die zukünftigen Projekte eine gesunde Basis.


2008-06-01: There are internal discussions about everygain.

Die zwei Gründer kennen sich schon sehr lange, aber endlich packen sie ihr jahrelanges Vorhaben ernsthaft an. Aus den vielen Ideen, die in ihrer Freundschaft gemeinsam entstanden sind, sollen jetzt handfeste Projekte werden.

Die Idee der GbR entsteht also im Sommer 2008. Es bedeutet zwar einiges an Arbeit, da viel organisiert und recherchiert werden muss, aber das Ganze ist auch mit sehr viel Spaß verbunden.